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Welcome Veterinary Professionals and Animal Enthusiasts!

Scientex conferences takes enormous pleasure to welcome all the scientists, researchers, healthcare surgeons, practitioners, educators, academicians, young forum researchers, and all emerging pillars of the veterinary field from all over the globe to join in the “International Webinar on Veterinary Science Medicine and Research” which has been scheduled on December 11, 2023 at GMT+4 (Dubai)

 THEME: "Advanced Innovation in the Concept of Veterinary Science Medicine Research and Treatment"

Veterinary Science Medicine and Research Webinar focuses on the expanding growth taking place in the veterinary sector. Veterinary medicine have responsibilities under biomedical research, ecosystem management, public healthcare, food and agricultural systems, and care of companion animals, wildlife animals, exotic animals and food animals

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A Pioneering Journey into the Future of Veterinary Medicine
The world of veterinary medicine is constantly evolving serves as a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. We have gathered some of the most eminent minds in the industry to share their expertise, cutting-edge research, and insights on the latest advancements in veterinary science. Together, we will explore groundbreaking ideas that will shape the future of animal care and welfare.

Fostering Connections, Building Lifelong Bonds
Beyond the wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities, this conference also provides a unique platform to forge meaningful connections with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts. The power of networking and camaraderie cannot be underestimated as we work together to overcome challenges and achieve excellence in our respective fields.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Wildlife Conservation
We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on wildlife conservation during this year's conference. Our planet's diverse wildlife faces unprecedented challenges, and veterinarians play a pivotal role in preserving and protecting endangered species. Get ready to be inspired by stories of wildlife rehabilitation and the dedicated efforts being made to safeguard our animal friends around the globe.

Target audiences:
Veterinary Technicians
Veterinary Clinic Teams
•Researchers and Specialists
Veterinary Faculty
Animal Sciences Faculty
Veterinary Students
•Wildlife Researcher 
Animal Science Students
Veterinary Nurse
Veterinary Groups
Veterinary Associations and Societies
Animal Health Companies
•Innovators & Researchers

Join With Us in Making a Difference:
As we embark on this incredible journey together, let us renew our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of animals everywhere. Every paw, hoof, and wing we touch with compassion contributes to a better world for all creatures.

Let's unleash boundless compassion and lead the way in veterinary excellence!

Organizing Committee Members

Andrew Knight

University of Winchester, United Kingdom

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