Virtual Conference
Andoyo Supriyantono

Andoyo Supriyantono

Papua University, Indonesia

Title: Parameters of cow's reproductive on the special efforts for mandatory pregnant cows program in 2017: case study in West Papua Indonesia


High livestock reproduction performance accompanied by good reproductive management will result in high efficiency and high livestock productivity. To determine the reproductive performance of cows in 2017 the special efforts for the mandatory pregnant cow (SEMPC) program in West Papua Province, it is necessary to analyze their reproductive parameters. This research was conducted in three regencies, namely Manokwari, Sorong, and Fakfak using descriptive methods. The number of respondents was 42 farmers with a total sample of 113 artificial insemination acceptors (a total of 10% of the acceptor population of three locations). Parameters measured in this study are non-return rate (NRR), service per conception (S/C), conception rate (CR,) and calving rate (CvR). The results of the study showed the average NRR was 84.96%, SC was 1.3, CR was 80.53%, and CvR was 83.81%. However, based on data analysis, it showed that there was no significant difference (P>0.05) in non-technical factors such as farmers (age, experience, and education), livestock (age and the number of parturitions), and inseminators (experience and amount of training) on reproductive parameters. This shows that there is no influence of non-technical factors on the reproductive performance of cows in the 2017 UPSUS SIWAB program in West Papua Province.


Andoyo Supriyantono is a teaching staff at the Animal Genetics and Breeding Laboratory, Faculty of Animal Science, Papua University. His educational career began with an undergraduate degree (Ir.) in the Animal Husbandry Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Cenderawasih University (1984-1990). From 1997-1999 he continued his Master’s in Animal Breeding at Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands. Doctoral studies were taken in 2003-2006 at the University of Brawijaya Malang.