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Eslam Hendy

Eslam Hendy

Zagazig University, Egypt

Title: Retrospective Study on Periodontal Diseases in Small Animals


A retrospective study was conducted on small animals; dogs, and cats (Total no.320) admitted to the clinic of the Department of Surgery, Anesthesiology and Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University. A thorough oral and dental examination was performed. Radiographic imaging was conducted on animals that appeared clinically with progressive periodontitis and bony changes. Animals were classified into five scores according to their clinical dental examination and pocket depth. Cases with a score of 0, had healthy gingival tissue with normal pocket depth, a score (1) of those managed by dental scaling, and scores (2 and 3) of those treated by dental scaling and then non-surgical debridement. Open flap surgery was performed for more advanced cases; scores (were 4 and 5). Data were statistically analyzed using Chi-square and correlation tests to investigate the relationship between age, diet, and sex to periodontal affection. Among the total number of admitted animals (N=320), 40.6 % showed periodontal diseases, 8.8% (28 cases) dogs and 31.9% (102 cases) cats. Affected males (24.4%) were higher than females (16.3%). Age and diet showed high statistical significance (P<0.001). Sex showed to be statistically insignificant, (P>0.05). The correlation test for age and periodontal disease occurrence showed a positive correlation (rs = 0.479) and high statistical significance (P< 0.001). 


Eslam Hendy has completed his Master degreeat in veterinary surgery (Oral and Dental) the age of 27 years from Zagazig University, Egypt. He is the a teaching assistant in the Department of Surgery, Anesthesiology & Radiology. He was specialize at small animal dental and oral surgery since 2020. He has 3 publications. He has been an active member of the British Veterinary Dental Association since 2022.