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Jasmine Gheini

Jasmine Gheini

University of Sydney, Australia

Title: Does the use of supraglottic device in rabbits cause less injury than other airway management devices?


This study critically appraised three papers to answer the following question. In rabbits undergoing general anaesthesia, does the placement of a v-gel® device result in less airway trauma compared to the use of other airway management devices? It is concluded that the current evidence suggests that use of v-gel® in rabbits causes less trauma/injury to the airways compared to placement of an endotracheal tube but not compared to the use of a laryngeal or face mask. However, due to low number and quality of published studies, this evidence is weak, and better-quality studies are required to support the routine use of v-gel® over other airway devices in rabbits. While v-gel® may be a safer alternative for securing airways in rabbits compared to endotracheal intubation, knowing the injuries this device can cause to the upper airways is useful for managing rabbits during post anaesthesia recovery.


Jasmine is a new veterinary graduate from University of Sydney Australia. She is originally from Iran, and this article is her first published work.