Virtual Conference
Reham Abd-El Azeem

Reham Abd-El Azeem

B.V.S.c at Assiut University, Egypt

Title: Evaluation Of The Healing Of Wounds Dressed With Zinc Metal-Organic Frameworks In Dogs. (Experimental study)


This study aimed to evaluate the healing of wounds dressed with Zn-MoF in dogs. The study was conducted on fifteen clinically healthy mongrel dogs. Each dog has bilateral cutaneous excisional wounds (2 × 2 cm2). Right-side wounds were dressed with Zn-MOF dressing (treated wounds), while left-side wounds dressed with normal saline (control group). Wounds were undergone to histopathological evaluation 7-, 15-, and 21-days post-wound induction (5 dogs each interval). Zn-MOF positively enhanced the re-epithelization of the wound area promoting the epidermal hyperplasia resulting in reduction of the wound size and epithelial gap that was completely closed and healed on day 21 post-wound induction. The healing process of control wounds was at a slower rate with time leaving epithelial gaps and the wound did not completely close on day 21 post-wound induction. The dermis of Zn-MOF treated wounds was infiltrated with the inflammatory cells on day 7 post-wound induction that gradually reduced with time and replaced by fibroblasts 14 and 21 days post-wound induction. The dermis of control wounds was severely infiltrated with a larger number of inflammatory cells and excessive hemorrhage throughout the study. Zn-MOF treated wounds had an increase in the number and size of newly formed blood vessels compared with the control ones, peaking on day 14 and declining on day 21 post-wound induction. Collagen deposition increased obviously 21 days post-wounding in Zn-MOF treated wounds. Zn-MOF accelerated and enhanced the wound healing process and abundant granulation tissue formation in dogs. 


Reham Abd-El Azeem has completed his Master thesis at the age of 28 years from Assiut University, Egypt.