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Sedigheh Menatian

Sedigheh Menatian

Ilam University, Iran

Title: Effect of Pre and Post Weaning Diet Quality on Puberty age, Some Hormone Concentrations and Tail Measures in Kurdish Female Lambs


To determine the value of pre and post weaning nutrition on puberty age, some hormonal concentrations and tail measures in ewe lambs, a total of 40 clinically health Kurdish female lambs (30±8.6 d and weighing 10.2±3.4 kg) were randomly allocated to one of two experimental diets in pre-weaning period: high quality diet (HQD, 2.50 Mcal ME/kg dry matter (DM) and 148 g CP/kg DM) or low quality diet (LQD, 2.02 Mcal ME/kg DM and 87 g CP/kg DM). At weaning, one half of lambs from each group was randomly separated and assigned to HQD or LQD. So there were four treatment groups in post-weaning period: H-H (HQD pre- and post-weaning); H-L (HQD pre-weaning and LQD post-weaning); L-H (LQD pre-weaning and HQD post-weaning) and L-L (LQD pre and post-weaning, control group). Weekly DM intake was determined. Body weight (BW) and average daily gain (ADG) were measured every 2 weeks from 30 to 210 d of age. Serum insulin, leptin and progesterone concentrations were determined by ELISA method. In general, the HQD treatment increased dry matter intake (DMI), compared with the LQD treatment during pre-weaning period (P<0.01). During post-weaning, lambs of H-H treatment had higher DMI, metabolize energy (ME) and crude protein (CP) intake compared with other lambs treatments (P>0.05). Within the post-weaning, serum progesterone concentrations were greater for ewe lambs fed at H-H group than for other groups (P<0.05). Serum insulin concentration was affected by the diet quality at both periods (P<0.05). Leptin concentration was affected by treatment and ewe lambs of L-H group had higher leptin concentrations (P<0.05). Age at the time of puberty was affected by treatments (P<0.05). In addition, Ewe lambs in the H-H and L-H groups were younger and weighed more at puberty. Diet plan in the pre-pubertal period was affected tail measures in 120 and 210 days of ages (P<0.05). To conclude, it was concluded that pre-pubertal plan play the important role in secretion of progesterone, insulin and leptin, which can leads to early sexual puberty.


Sedigheh Menatian has completed his PHD at the age of 31 years from Zanjan University, Iran. I am a researcher in the field of animal nutrition and physiology. I have investigated the effect of energy and protein on growth physiology. I have several articles on the growth physiology of Kurdish lambs and kids. Since 3 years ago, I have been working as an animal nutritionist in the Ilam Nomad Affairs Department and I work closely with the nomadic life and the local animal husbandry. I have been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals.